Madine Family

Happy Birthday!


Posted on : 10/15/2010 | By : Joanna

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl! Oh how we wish we could be with you!
We know that you have no idea that today is your birthday, mainly because you are only one, but also because they don't celebrate birthdays in Ethiopia. So, even though this is no big deal to you, it's a big deal for Mommy and Daddy. Our hearts ache today even more than usual, and we pray we'll get to see you again very soon. Every day with you is a gift and a blessing, and we don't take one second for granted. 
We love you, Sweetheart!

Happy Anniversary!


Posted on : 10/12/2010 | By : Joanna

Happy anniversary to my hubby, Mark! I love you so much! I thank God everyday for making you for me. 
Life wouldn't be nearly as sweet without you, and I cannot imagine this adoption journey without you. 
Just when I thought I couldn't love you more, I saw the way your face lit up when you met our daughter. 
We are so lucky to have you. You are a wonderful husband, and I can't wait to see what a wonderful father you will be.
I love you, babe!

Ray LaMontagne- "You are the Best Thing"