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Want to feed us? :)


Posted on : 2/27/2011 | By : Joanna

We didn't really need much help in this department when Maeve first arrived home, but boy are we gonna need it during the next few weeks.

I'm starting back to work on Monday and Maeve will be going to Montessori school full time. If that weren't enough of an upheaval...we're moving to our new house Thursday.

So, if any of you would like to make us dinner (casseroles, soups, etc...frozen or not) or would like to order food in for us (pizza, Chinese, etc). We would really appreciate the help.

We'd like to be able to spend the evening hours after work and before Maeve's bed time focusing solely on her as much as possible, trying to make her feel as secure as possible during yet another transition for this little girl.

Please let me know if you are interested.

16 Months Old!


Posted on : 2/16/2011 | By : Joanna

She eats pretty much anything we eat. No mush for this girl!...
and she's gettting really good at using her fork.

She found this little sponge, tore in into two pieces, and pretened to put on makeup.
You'd think she learned it by watching me, but I try to wear makeup as little as possible :)

We've heard recently from family that Maeve just looks so happy in all of her pictures.
I thought, "Well of course, we only share the good ones" LOL.
So, just so you all know, she does get upset, but that face is still pretty irresistable.
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Posted on : 2/05/2011 | By : Joanna

Although we got flurries a few weeks ago, this is Maeve's first real snow...almost 6 inches!
She loved walking in it, thought it was hiliarious, but didn't like falling in it or getting it on her face.

Pretty stinkin' cute!