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At the Park


Posted on : 3/23/2011 | By : Joanna

Now that I'm over my nearly 2.5 week long sinus infection, we happily took Maeve to a big park near our house last weekend. The weather was gorgeous...dare I say "hot".. and the park was packed.

We played some ball (gotta have the tongue out).

Got to pet a dog, that she thought was a cat since it was so small :)

Picked flowers that tickled her chin.

Went down the slide a lot.

After all that, had some serious chill out time with Sesame Street.
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17 Months Old


Posted on : 3/16/2011 | By : Joanna

First of all, Happy Saint Patrick's Day, 
from our Irish/American/Ethiopian family to yours!

Maeve is now 17 months old and doing really well. Her Montessori school is starting to transition her to the 18-24 month class. They usually don't do this for about another 6 weeks, but agree with me that she's ready and will really enjoy what the other class is doing (ABC's, numbers, songs...basically stuff she's been doing for a while now). We know, she's brilliant! :)

We also moved into our new house a few weeks ago. We've been taking the transition slowly and opting for spending time with Maeve rather than feeling the need to be completely unpacked and all sorted right away. She and I have both been sick (me much worse than her, thank the Lord), so that hasn't been much fun...but hubby has been doing an awesome job working double duty while I got some much needed rest.

We also had the great joy and honor of baptizing our daughter at the end of February. It was wonderful to have family in from Ireland, Chicago, and South Texas. It was a bit hectic, but we all had a great time.

Maeve in her traditional Ethiopian dress.

Reading with PaPa 'dine

Bubbles with Daddy and cousin Georgia.
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